AN EMTIONAL Amy Hart opened up about losing many of her friends since appearing on Love Island in a post to her Instagram stories.

The 26-year-old’s voice broke as she addressed guests at a party where she was the special guest.

Amy, who is from Worthing, told those gathered that they were her “real friends” and that she was grateful for them.

The former air hostess revealed: “The criteria for today’s invitation list was as follows - nice to me before the villa, supportive whilst i was in the villa, and nice to me when I came out of the villa.

“A lot of people that have been in my life for a long time didn’t actually meet that criteria… which is really sad but i am so grateful that I have all of you.”

As cheers went up from the crowd, she added: “And I know you are my real friends because a lot of you were banned from Facebook during the time I was in the villa.”

Amy also went on to thank her friends for helping her “combat against the trolls” that launched vicious attacks against her on social media.

She posted the video alongside images from the party, captioning the snaps: "Your vibe attracts your tribe".

Amy quit Love Island after being brutally dumped by Curtis Pritchard, leaving her heartbroken.