A FOUL-MOUTHED criminal has such a lengthy list of convictions he could not be fined any more for his latest bout of vandalism.

It will take Tobias Denyer, of Kendall Court, Newhaven, more than 15 years to repay the criminal justice system the £2,768 he owes in unpaid court fines.

But when he appeared in court on Monday, magistrates decided not to impose a further fine or court costs fearing he would never be able to repay his debt to society.

Denyer smashed a menu sign at Wahaca restaurant in North Street, Brighton, on Sunday and was arrested.

Michael Weeks, defending, said Denyer had offered to pay for the damage but was arrested instead.

After Denyer pleaded guilty to criminal damage, chairman of the magistrates Simon Cornwell said he felt that given his outstanding debt, any further fine would be pointless.

Addressing Denyer he said: “For the criminal damage you said you wanted to pay for that damage. You will pay £50 for that damage and we want that compensation to be the priority above your other fines.

“For that reason we are not going to order any further costs of surcharges.”

Prolific offender Denyer pays just £15 a month towards his fines – meaning it will take him 15 and a half years to clear his debt.

He has a string of at least 44 convictions for more than 80 previous offences. He has previously failed to appear in court when ordered to and breached court-imposed community punishments.

During the hearing he launched into a four-letter tirade at Crown prosecutor Martina Sherlock.

In February, Denyer shoplifted £42 worth of beauty products from Superdrug.

A week later he abused a Waitrose security guard and store supervisor in Western Road.

After being arrested, he hurled racist abuse at a custody officer at the Crowhurst Road police station.

In March he smashed his way into Burger King in North Street, Brighton, and assaulted a manager at the fast food chain before stealing burgers, shouting and swearing at customers.

In March 2018 he was handed a 38-week prison sentence by Lewes Crown Court for domestic abuse, breaching a restraining order and refusing to take a drugs test in custody.