ERIC Waters (no relation) ends his latest letter (Mon 12 Aug) asking for the next "negative Eric" letter please.

He's not always negative and I sometimes wholeheartedly agree with him.

His letters about cycling, however, are consistently negative and often based on personal opinion.

This time (letter 6th August Little has changed with cycling), he has quoted from the Department for Transport statistical release "Walking and Cycling Statistics, England: 2018", dated 31 July 2019.

It is easy to find if you Google the full title.

Since Eric has chosen to cherry-pick the statistic that the average number of cycling trips has

fallen from 18 in 2002 to 17 in 2018 I think it's only fair to let me cherry pick another statistic from the same report; the average distance cycled per person was 50 per cent higher in 2018 than in 2002. Not "exactly the same" as Eric's first letter claimed.

The DfT carried out a consultation on their Cycling and Walking Investment Strategy safety review, updated November 22, 2018.

As well as noting the benefits of cycling and walking to personal health, public health, local economies and the transport system, it notes some barriers to progress.

I quote (admittedly cherry-picking): research on different road user attitudes has shown that drivers have a tendency to stereotype cyclists negatively.

Steve Waters,

Chichester Drive East, Saltdean