A SUSSEX MP has urged the Labour Party leader to stand aside and back a cross-party alliance if necessary.

Labour MP Peter Kyle, who represents Hove, suggested that Jeremy Corbyn may need to relinquish his position as leader in order to resolve Brexit.

Kyle is a member of a group of cross-party rebel MPs working on a plan to prevent Boris Johnson pursuing a no-deal Brexit in October.

He told HuffPost’s Commons People podcast that Jeremy Corbyn should make a cross-party government with a backbench PM”priority number one” if the Labour leader is unable to form a majority after submitting a vote of no confidence against Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

This would give MPs a two week period to find a majority for a new government which would stop a no-deal Brexit.

But Tory rebels are said to be unwilling to back the Labour leader as an interim Prime Minister with calls made for an alternative leader to be put in place if this his achieved.

Kyle said that, in order to stop a no-deal Brexit, the support of “a lot of Tories” would be needed.

He said: “In the circumstances where Jeremy isn’t able to form a government and the Prime Minister isn’t able to form a government, I think resolving the Brexit issue and trying to explore different ways that parliament can get its act together to get us through this really difficult period would be priority number one and should be explored.

“I would certainly throw myself into it in an open hearted way.”

He said that if a general election was to take place before Brexit was resolved then Labour would be “punished” and “the results will be wildly unpredictable”.