A DANGEROUS driver raced away from police, crossing on to the wrong side of the carriageway at 100mph.

An officer spotted James Hutton driving a Renault Megane erratically on the A259 on Saturday night.

He veered across roundabouts, crossed the white lines into oncoming traffic and narrowly avoided a head-on collision as he sped away from police along the A27.

When finally stopped, Hutton, 29, of Faygate Road, Eastbourne, headbutted a police officer and refused to be tested for drink and drugs.

Crown prosecutor Martina Sherlock said officers were initially alerted to his “prolonged bad driving with deliberate disregard for other road users and bystanders and continued this driving whilst being pursued by the police”.

Miss Sherlock told Brighton Magistrates Court on Monday: “This started at about 10pm. Police officers were driving on the A259 from Bexhill to Eastbourne when they saw tail lights ahead and began to catch up with a Renault Megane.

“PC Upjohn said the car was weaving in the road from the nearside to the outer lane and crossing the white line to the other side of the carriageway.

“He was of the view the driver was under the influence of drink or drugs.”

“As they were transporting a suspect they called another unit and kept a safe distance away but they became concerned.

“As they approached a roundabout they saw the Megane narrowly miss oncoming traffic.

“The vehicle circled around a roundabout on to the A27 and the driver, Hutton, then exited the roundabout almost crossing the centre white line.

“He was drifting further towards the centre white line and then over it.”

PC Upjohn was not trying to stop the vehicle but it was straddling the white line in the face of oncoming traffic while driving in excess of 50mph.

Miss Sherlock said: “Seeing this they realised he was a serious danger to himself and other members of the public.

“They illuminated their blue lights and attempted to pull the vehicle over.

“The PC was aware the vehicle may fail to stop but the dangerous driving persisted and the officer felt he had to do something to prevent a head-on collision at speed.

“Despite the blue lights and sirens he failed to stop for the officers, driving at speeds of 80 to 90mph still straddling the white line, at one point driving on the wrong side of the road at 100mph approaching a roundabout.”

Hutton was eventually stopped by another officer with a stop stick at Little Horsted and arrested.

On the way to custody Hutton hit his head repeatedly against the side of the van and tried to undo his seatbelt.

An officer went to stop him for his own safety and as he did Hutton lunged forwards and headbutted him in the forehead and dragged his head down the officer’s nose.

Miss Sherlock said: “Hutton then said his female passenger was Sussex Police staff – she was not.

“Then said he believed his drink had been spiked. Asked to provide a specimen of breath, he declined.

“He wasn’t able to complete a breath test and was he was requested to consent for blood to be taken but refused.”

Hutton admitted dangerous driving, failing to stop, failing to provide a specimen and assaulting a police officer.

The court was told he had a previous conviction for drug driving.

Josie Sonessa, defending, said Hutton was “extremely remorseful”.

She said he told her: “I don’t know why I behave like this.”

She told the court Hutton, who has a long history of criminal convictions was trying to improve his life, had a new job and his partner was expecting a baby.

Magistrates granted him bail until he is sentenced at Lewes Crown Court next month.

They imposed an interim driving ban and ordered he stick to a curfew between 9pm and 5am.