ON THIS day ten years ago The Argus went to meet a group of people aiming to clean up the South Downs National Park. We went googly-eyed with Sussex Police as part of a new anti drug driving campaign and met pupils helping to preserve the lives of dormice

The Department for Transport launched Think!, an anti drug-driving campaign, in Brighton. Sussex Police were working hard to crack down on the issue

The police force stressed how much drug drivers eyes can give them away

Brighton and Hove Council park rangers and Friends of Green Park joined forces for a clean-up to highlight support to include the area in the new South Downs National Park

Park rangers Neil Doyle and Emma Owen enjoyed some of the lovely flowers growing across the park

Members of community conservation group Keep The Ridge, Ron Murrat, left, and John Aston, in the fields

And students from St Bede’s School were shown how to put up nest boxes in the Alfriston woodland

The hazel dormouse is one of Britain s most endangered creatures and students were trying to protect its future

Students from St Bede’s School in Hailsham created innovative new mouse boxes as part of the National Dormouse Monitoring Programme