ALL three of Brighton and Hove’s MPs have called for Boris Johnson to recall parliament.

Caroline Lucas, Peter Kyle and Lloyd Russell-Moyle have all signed a letter from more than 100 MPs urging the Prime Minister to deal with the looming “national emergency” of a no deal Brexit.

They said: “Our country is on the brink of an economic crisis, as we career towards a no-deal Brexit which will have an immediate effect on food and medical supplies, damage our economy, jobs, the public finances, public services, universities and long-term economic security.

“A no-deal Brexit also threatens our crucial security co-operation to keep our country safe from criminals and terrorists.”

They added: “We face a national emergency, and parliament must be recalled now in August and sit permanently until 31 October, so that the voices of the people can be heard, and that there can be proper scrutiny of your government.”