VEGAN activists have targeted another supermarket.

A group of 15 animal rights activists visited the Morrisons store in Worthing on Sunday carrying pictures of pigs that they claimed are from a farm that supplies the supermarket.

The Brighton chapter of animal rights organisation Direct Action Everywhere said the protest was in response to claims the supermarket is supplied pork by Moss Rose Farm, in Blackpool.

In a statement the Brighton branch of the group said: “Last month’s mass occupation of Moss Rose Piggeries, a farm supplying flesh to Morrison’s, saw 100 animal liberationists refuse to leave for 9 hours despite pressure from farmers and the police.

The goal of the sit-in, called meat the victims UK - which is part of a worldwide movement of similar actions - was to expose standard farming practices and force the public to meet the victims of their choices.

“The only solution is total animal liberation; total abolition of this tortuous system. Animals will never be shown the respect they deserve when they are being farmed, even on high welfare farms like this one, which has the red tractor stamp of approval.

“Even if the conditions were better, they will all still end up with a knife in their throat in a slaughterhouse - or, for a third of pigs, in a gas chamber where they will squirm and scream in pain as they burn from the inside out from the carbon dioxide suffocation.”

“The activists called for a minute’s silence in between speeches to pay respect to the pigs.

“We were not there to argue with customers but to draw attention to the evident suffering.

“Police arrived at the scene after the activists had already left the premises, silently holding signs with images of the distressed animals from Moss Rose in the air.”

The Argus contacted Morrisons and Sussex Police for comment.

The protest group has previously staged demonstrations in Brighton ethical supermarket Hisbe, as well as Waitrose and McDonalds.