ANGRY traders were left without customers during Pride after a barrier was unexpectedly put up on their road.

Businesses in Queen’s Road, Brighton, were “shocked” when metal barriers were placed along the road preventing partygoers from walking on to the pavement.

Duncan O’Reilly, landlord of the Railway Bell pub, said he had no idea about the barriers until they appeared outside the pub.

“Nobody mentioned anything about it. We weren’t told,” he said.

“I was complaining about the trucks parked up in front of our pub, but then the barriers went up and our business just stopped for the day.

“I basically could have shut for the day and saved money.

“I would have done a private function if I had known our business would stop for the day.”

Mr O’Reilly had laid on extra staff and bought extra stock for the Pride celebrations.

But his pub was left high and dry as business slowed to a halt.

He said: “I actually had to come in because someone was ill, so if I had known they were putting barriers up I wouldn’t have gone in.

“It’s supposed to be a good time for all, we got the staff in costumes and had games.

“It definitely takes the shine off it.”

Samir Shaker, owner of Amar Newsagents on the street, was similarly angry.

“ We lost a lot of business that day,” he said.

“We ordered in more stock but we weren’t able to sell much of it.

“It was so quiet in the evening, there was no one on the pavement.”

Corey Jackson, a barman at the Idle Hands pub, said he was glad action had been taken to organise Pride revellers. But he felt short-changed because businesses had not been told.

He said: “I remember how bad last year was in Queen’s Road when they ended up shutting Brighton Station so it’s good that Pride organised it. But from my experience we didn’t have any contact beforehand.

“Because the barriers were up, stragglers couldn’t come into our pub if they fancied a drink.”

A spokesman for Pride said the barriers were installed to manage “safe exit of visitors” and said revellers could access the pavement from another exit.

“Pride will take the concerns of advance communication to the multi-agency transport planning group and all plans will be reviewed for 2020,” he said.

“This year the operation at the station was considered a great success ensuring that visitors were able to leave the city in a managed safe manor.”