A BAKERY claims to create the faces of famous deceased celebrities out of cake.

Edgar Allan Dough rose to prominence after a video introducing the owners was widely shared online.

The footage shows some of the bakers’ work on display including edible portraits of David Bowie and Barry Chuckle.

Emily Baker, who says she has been making the desserts for six years and four months, explains: “A dead celebrity cake is a cake that has been fashioned into the face of a dead celebrity.

“It’s a kind of reincarnation. They are being immortalised in a cake or sponge. I am raising them from the dead, just as I am raising them with baking powder.”

But the bakery’s owner, Brian Gough, revealed in the video that business had not been booming at the bakery.

He said: “I’m not sure why we’re having such a quiet period. I think it might be because the coffee machine is quite noisy.”

But it later emerged the patisserie was an elaborate hoax by internet pranksters Hey News, who were also responsible for a campaign aiming to have a Tupac memorial placed on a Lancing bench.

The group say it provides “spoof news you can trust” and temporarily transformed Junkyard Dogs Arts Cafe in Edward Street, Brighton, for the stunt.

But member Ruari Barratt said the group would definitely be willing to bake and sell the iced portraits “if there proves to be a market for it”.