AN ANGRY woman threw urine, warm sugary water, and an ornamental Buddha at her partner during a row.

Denise Brown attacked Steven Letchford while police were at the door of her flats in St Leonards.

She had turned on a water heater and then threw hot sugary liquid over Mr Letchford during the attack.

Earlier Brown had grabbed a bottle containing his urine and threw it over him.

At Hove Crown Court it was revealed the pair shared a “toxic” relationship.

The 51-year-old, who has 23 convictions for 55 offences, was given a suspended prison sentence after admitting inflicting actual bodily harm.

Judge Shani Barnes told Brown she had an “appalling” record, and told her it was her last chance to avoid going to prison.

Christopher Prior, prosecuting, said the incident happened in Brown’s flat in Marline Road, St Leonards, on February 7 this year.

It was just two weeks after she was given a suspended sentence for assaulting a neighbour.

Mr Prior said that Mr Letchford had recently been released from prison, and suffers from liver problems, so he keeps a bottle nearby to urinate in. She took the urine during their row, and threw it. The couple “reconciled” but then when the argument flared up again, she switched on the water heater before throwing water over Mr Letchford’s face.

“Thankfully, it doesn’t appear that the water was boiling, there was no scalding, and the extend of Mr Letchford’s injuries was irritation to his eyes,” Mr Prior said.

The police were called, and as they arrived they heard Brown shouting insults at Mr Letchford. She had thrown an omelette over him and hurled a Buddha statue at his face, leaving him bloodied.

Brown had been charged with an attempt to inflict grievous bodily harm, but the charge was reduced when Mr Letchford decided not to turn up to give evidence against her.

The court heard Brown has battled both alcohol and crack cocaine addictions.

Laura Plant, defending, said the relationship between the pair was “toxic”.

Judge Barnes said: “She has had really tough breaks in her life, it has not been generous to her. But she has been before the courts and every allowance has been made, with several community orders over the years. Doesn’t there come a point when she has to take responsibility?”

Ms Plant said Brown has taken responsibility by admitting her crimes and ending the relationship, and said her client has already made great efforts on her current community order to turn her life around.

The Judge told Brown: “There comes a point, and surely 51 is that point, where you have some tough decisions to make about yourself, about whether you have the strength to turn things around. You have tried many times to rid yourself of alcohol and drug abuse and make your life better.

“You have not worked for 20 years. You absolutely deserve to go to prison, there will be no more sympathy from me.”

Brown was ordered to complete 25 rehabilitation sessions and 70 hours of community service.