ALBION fans can snap up merchandise at cut prices – and help a good cause at the same time.

The football club has donated a pile of surplus Seagulls stock to the Sussex Beacon to sell in its charity shops in London Road and St James’s Street, Brighton.

Sussex Beacon provides care and support for people living with HIV.

Albion fans can snap up items such as T-shirts and children’s clothing from just £4 while the most expensive items are winter coats which cost up to £30. They are last season’s stock but similar items are usually about £60.

Rob Rousseau, volunteer manager at Sussex Beacon in St James’s Street, said: “The Albion merchandise always does quite well.

“We have been able to reduce the prices quite a bit and that can help a lot of local families.

“Those who want some clothes for their children to wear to school or who want Albion merchandise and may not be able to afford it normally can buy it here.

“We’ve had the Albion bring in merchandise before but this time it’s a real bumper haul of clothing.

“It’s great that the club are doing things likes this.

“They do so much in the community, with Albion In The Community as well.

“We want to thank the club so much for their generous donations.”

All the money from sales in the store goes towards the Sussex Beacon.

Rob said the Albion merchandise on display helps the shops in more ways than one.

He said: “It’s lovely to have this brilliant window display.

“It brings a lot of people in, more importantly it brings in a lot of people who may not have come in normally because they see the Albion merchandise.

“They then have a look right and might end up buying something else they like as well.”

The Albion was contacted for comment but declined to respond.