ON THIS day ten years ago The Argus went to a packed Worthing seafront to watch the Birdman event. People from across the world flocked to dive off the pier in their own hand-made flying contraptions to see who could fly furthest

A huge crowd gathered on the beach for Worthing Birdman where people dived off the pier is custom made “flying” gear

Worthing’s Ryan Williams’s aircraft was called Ryan’s Rocketship

The 20-year-old took the plunge but didn’t get far

Next up was opera singer Jonathan Ansell who had a unique look

Jonathan leaped from the platform but didn’t exactly fly

Flight attendants Jenna Clarke, 16, left, and Robyn Baker, 16, right, with the Worthing Birdman mascot

From left, Karl Squires, 11, his mother Simone Squires, 37, and friend Wendy Birch, 53, who live near Heathrow Airport

The trio were the first to arrive on the beach for Worthing Birdman