WHEN her husband and dog came home looking more than a little like each other, Sarah Sharp could not resist taking a snap.

And the resulting picture proved a big hit when she posted it online.

Sarah, who lives in Newhaven, snapped the pair as they came home from a busy day’s work.

She said: “That’s my husband Yogi holding our schnauzer Malibu – or Boux for short. They’re both covered in hay.

“My husband works with horses – he’s a farrier – and Boux goes with him every day to run around with all the animals.

“My husband came home from work one day, held her up and said ‘Boux needs a shower’.

“I just had to take a photo.”

Sarah said Boux is happy with all the attention: “She’s six months old and she’s got the best temperament ever – she’s laid back, loving, caring, so pretty atypical for a schnauzer.

“But other schnauzer owners say that all changes after six months – so watch this space.”

Sarah said she had somehow failed to notice the resemblance between Yogi and Boux until others pointed it out.

She said: “I thought he was more like a bear with all that hair on his face.

“But we all see it now. I think Yogi likes how they both have beards.

“That was part of the deal originally – we were umming and ahing about what kind of dog to get.

“I wanted a female and my husband wanted a male. So we met in middle – the deal was we’d get a female dog with a beard.”

Sarah and Yogi have seven children, five of who live at home.

She said: “As you can imagine the dog’s run ragged by them.

“We’ve got another dog, too – a nine-year-old chihuahua called Tinks.

“But she doesn’t look like anyone in the family. She does her own thing, she’s a little princess.

Sarah posted the photo of Yogi and Boux on the Facebook group Schnauzer Wowzers Brighton, which was set up by schnauzer enthusiast Debbie Crush for fellow fans of the little bearded dogs.

It went down a storm with others in the group.

Debbie said: “Schnauzers are very cute to look at, with lovely facial hair.

“Nowadays there are a lot of bearded men – I imagine we’ll be seeing more lookalikes rolling in.”

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