A MUSICAL'S opening night ended on a high note when a woman got up on stage and down on one knee to propose to her “chu-chi woo-chi” partner.

The couple are both Chitty Chitty Bang Bang afficionados.

And the romantic moment came at the finale of Brighton Theatre Group’s barnstorming rendition of the 1968 musical fantasy film at Brighton’s Theatre Royal on Wednesday evening.

Under the watchful eye and four-inch nose of the Child Catcher, carer Demelza Drury, 24, asked baker Bethany Smith, 24, to be her wife.

The Argus:

Demelza said: “It’s so corny but we watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on our first date.

“We were meant to go out but the weather took a turn for the worse. We sat in front of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang on the TV instead. Chu-chi face became our song.”

The number – sung by the Baron and Baroness of Vulgaria – sees the dastardly duo squeezing one another’s cheeks.

Demelza said: “To be honest I was just wringing my hands throughout the whole thing: my knees were knocking I was so nervous. I was sure she had some kind of inkling about what was going to happen.”

But Bethany said she was oblivious: “When we stood up to get on stage, I thought Demelza was getting me up to go to the loo.

“In the end it was just magical: there was never a chance I’d say no.”

The pair were ushered up on stage at the end of the show, with streamers, firecrackers, and smog billowing under the race car’s wings.

The rammed theatre burst out in applause as Bethany said yes.

A motley crew of cast members cheered on stage, including crackpot inventor Caractacus Potts, Truly Scrumptious, and the Child Catcher – who, Demelza said, helped plan the proposal.

She said: “The Child Catcher is actually my best friend Hayden.

“We spent three months planning together to make sure this would go ahead seamlessly.”

The plotting was kept top secret but one of the few in on the act was producer Keith Shepherd.

The couple, who live in Eastbourne, will marry in 2021. Bethany said: “I’ve got high hopes for the honeymoon – maybe we could get Chitty to fly us off into the sunset.”