A POLICE officer has slammed the “stupid, selfish and dangerous” behaviour of drivers dropping off fans at the Amex Stadium.

Some people have been stopping in the middle of the A27 at Falmer, where the speed limit is 70mph, to let passengers out so they can attend Albion matches.

It is an attempt to save time and avoid having to park in the area as more than 30,000 people head to the stadium.

But officers are warning people are “risking their lives in doing so”.

PC Tom Van Der Wee of the Sussex Police Roads Policing Unit was working when Albion faced West Ham last weekend.

He said: “Unbelievably some drivers have been stopping in the live lane of the A27 to drop off passengers.

“The only words to describe it are stupid, selfish and dangerous.

“Thankfully the vast majority of people used public transport or designated parking and drop offs.

“The people who I witnessed doing it will be receiving notice of intended prosecutions through the post.”

His comments were reinforced by PC Darren Balkham, Sussex Police’s liaison with Albion.

He said: “Ladies and gents. You know better than to do this.

“It will be the most expensive drop off not only monetary but more importantly risking you and your loved ones lives.”

Sussex Police have since issued a statement warning drivers against attempting to drop off passengers on the A27.

A spokesman said: “We would remind people that this is a 70mph main road and even a quick drop off, at any time, could be extremely hazardous for the driver, their passengers and other road users.

“This is especially so on the occasional times when someone actually stops in one of the ‘live’ lanes and we would urge drivers to find somewhere safe to offload, even if it does mean a slightly longer walk.”

Albion have also spoken out to encourage fans to sacrifice a shorter walk for their own safety.

A spokesman said: “We want all of our supporters to travel to and from the stadium safely.

“Therefore it is essential our supporters follow this advice from Sussex Police and do not endanger their own lives, and the lives of others.

“Fans being dropped off should always use the designated drop-off point in car park five at the University of Sussex.

“From there it is a short walk via the underpass to the stadium.

“Further information on the location can be found on our website.”