SUSSEX being named as the most dangerous place in the country for cyclists will likely come as no surprise to bikers in Brighton.

Cars and cyclists often come into conflict on the roads. No matter whose fault it is, more must be done to ensure these kinds of situations do not happen in the first place.

Defined cycle lanes properly separated from cars must be built to keep cyclists safe.

Painting lines on the road is not enough. Often this leaves cyclists scratching their heads as to where the cycle lanes are, plus cars can veer into cyclists without realising.

Creating safe cycle lanes can be done. London is a world leader for cyclists because it cars and bikes are properly separated.

It is encouraging to see so many cycles in Brighton despite the dangerous conditions and the city’s hilly landscape, but more needs to be done to encourage people to get on their bikes.

The more people cycle, the fewer cars will be on our roads and the cleaner our air will be.

Cycling also promotes healthy living, keeping you fit and active on your commute into work instead of slouching in the car or on a bus.

Of course, cycling is only one option for a clean, green Brighton and we need the right mix of public transport to ensure people can get around the city quickly.

But a great first step would be to build more cycle lanes that are properly separated from cars.

The safer cycling becomes, the more people will see it as a viable way of getting to work.

So let us hope Brighton and Hove City Council makes it a priority for our city.