SIX out of seven siblings separated as children have managed to reunite after 50 years.

The seven brothers and sisters were split from a young age after their mother remarried.

Although six have come together, they are still searching for their last remaining brother, Robert Rowe, now 59, who was given up for adoption in Brighton aged six months old.

The late Barbara Russell had seven children with different fathers.

Her first two children, Pauline Raffin and Richard Rowe, now in their 60s, moved to Australia with their father after their parents separated.

“I was only about eleven at the time when we moved,” said Pauline, 63.

“My father told me that mum then had two children that she gave up for adoption, Robert and Debbie. And then she went on to marry again and had another two girls and a boy, Sharon, Beverly and Kevin, who now live in England, but I had never met them until just last week when I came over to the UK.”

Pauline said she started searching for her siblings about five years ago and thanks to Facebook, managed to contact them six months ago.

“It’s just been so moving,” she said.

“An incredibly emotional experience finally meeting them.”

But Pauline had the task of letting her three siblings, living in England, know that they had another brother and sister who were given up for adoption.

“Debbie moved out to Australia and I met her and I wanted to let the others know about their two other siblings that were given up for adoption.”

The news shocked the other family members.

“I never new about them,” said Sharon, 53 who now lives in Southampton.

“I lived with my mum for years and she never spoke of them. It just came as a huge shock to us. We knew we had Pauline and Richard out in Australia, but never knew about the other two born before us.”

Now all six of the seven siblings are in contact, they are doing everything they can to find Robert who they call “the last piece of the puzzle.”

“We just want him to know that he has siblings out there that he can contact if he wants to,” Sharon said.

“I don’t even know if he knew he was adopted, or if he even knows he has other siblings because he was so young when he was adopted.”

Robert Rowe was born in Brighton General Hospital in 1960. The birth certificate showed his mother, Barbara was living at 46 Montpelier Road in Brighton at the time, but no name or details of the father.

If you have any information that can help reunite Robert with his family contact: or