PHARMACISTS have spoken about their concerns for medicine shortages as the chances of a no-deal Brexit loom over the country.

Patrick Breen, pharmacist at Osbon Pharmacy in Church Road, Hove, said prospects are frightening for the health sector.

“There never should have been a Brexit for many reasons but definitely for medical reasons,” he said.

“I am still in hope there is going to be a referendum.

“Everything will become more difficult to source and more expensive.”

He said many ingredients used to make drugs found in local pharmacies are sourced from Europe.

“The cost of medicine products in Britain are higher than in Europe, and that is going to have an effect on the cost of medicine in the UK,” he said.

“Industry in this country is expensive.

“We have an NHS that pay a certain amount for each product and they won’t budge on that figure. They won’t pay the higher price.

“We don’t really know what’s going to happen.”

Another pharmacist working at Gunns Pharmacy in Western Road, who preferred not to be named, said the system is a “shambles”.

“We are in the dark,” she said.

“There’s no advice on what to do should a no-deal happen, I would expect to have received some more advice.

“We are already facing medication shortages for basic medication which is worrying.

“The worst thing is just not really knowing, I am mainly annoyed and worried at that.”

Hannah Clarke at Kamsons Pharmacist in Brighton said she is unaware of the Government’s guidance for medicine contingency arrangements and the advice for pharmacies and patients not to hoard stocks.

“There are already some medicines that are in short supply,” she said.

“However at Kamsons Pharmacy, we are not reliant on one wholesaler.

“Our pharmacies receive five wholesaler deliveries a day including from our own warehouse in Sussex so we are able to mitigate against stock shortages.”

MP for Brighton Pavilion Caroline Lucas said she is doing everything she can to prevent the UK leaving Europe without a deal.

She said: “Local pharmacies play a vital role in ensuring people get the medicines they depend on so it is totally unacceptable if pharmacists feel they are in the dark about how they can ensure future supplies.

“But it’s not just medical supplies which are at risk.

“It’s also food, fuel and household goods.

She said the Government is unprepared and not doing enough to prevent disastrous consequences for this country.

Labour MP Peter Kyle also said he was concerned. The Hove MP said: “I beg Boris Johnson to sit up and listen to experts in the medical field and also those on our high streets who are expressing concern about drug shortages in a no-deal Brexit.

“I shall be standing up in Westminster saying as loudly and effectively as I can that the government must not go ahead with a no-deal for this - and many, many other reasons.”