A MOTHER told by doctors her baby was going to die has just celebrated her miracle boy’s first birthday.

Jemma Neal was told at her 20-week scan that her baby had enlarged kidneys.

Doctors said he would die in her womb or very shortly after birth.

The single mother 26, of Meadowview, Brighton, only bought one outfit for her baby – expecting to bury him in it.

But he was born and she named him Chance – hoping to give him a chance – as he was whisked from the labour ward into the special care unit.

Now Chance is a happy, healthy little boy, who has just celebrated his first birthday.

He still has regular check ups for polycystic kidney disease and may eventually need dialysis or a transplant, but he is able to enjoy life the same as any other one-year-old.

Jemma, who also has a six-year-old son Tyler and five-year-old daughter Sasha, said: “We went back and forth to King’s College for scans hoping that the hospital was wrong but unfortunately the baby’s kidneys had grown bigger.

“The consultant kept telling us ‘this baby isnt going to survive’. But I just wanted to give my little one a chance.

“I was asked over and over again to consider a termination.

They said the baby will still not survive as he will need a kidney transplant and we can’t do them on babies this young.

“They said he would probably die in the womb or maybe he will live for a day or two or even a month or two.

“I was told it’s selfish to let a baby be born when you know it’s going to eventually die.

“We left the hospital in tears and shock, with any hope of my baby surviving crushed, but something was telling me I had to carry on with the pregnancy.

“I was told I wouldn’t be bringing my little boy home.

“I didn’t buy anything, just something to wear for his funeral.

“I even picked the songs out for his funeral and planned it all.

“He was going to have a little white coffin and have a little teddy bear that my mum had bought him

“It was so hard for most of my pregnancy.

“I should have been making plans for his future not for his funeral.”

At 38 weeks, Jemma was induced and her son was born weighing 7lb 5oz.

“He was just perfect you wouldn’t think he had anything wrong with him,” she said.

“The midwife said ‘he’s beautiful do you have a name for him?’ and I said ‘yes his name is Chance’.

“All through my pregnancy I wanted to give my boy a chance and I did and now that’s his name’.”

After two weeks in the special care baby unit at the Royal Sussex County Hospital in Brighton, Chance was able to go home.

Now he has defied all the odds by celebrating his first birthday.

“I’m so happy I listened to my heart and not the hospital,” said Jemma.