TEMPERATURES reached 27 degrees yesterday as people flocked to the seaside to sizzle in the heat.

Brighton beach was awash with people who had rushed to the seaside for one of the hottest bank holidays of all time.

One visitor, Onur Tenizsoylu, from Turkey, was enjoying his first-ever trip to the city.

He said: “I’ve been in The Lanes – I love the narrow streets – and I’ve been shopping.

“Later on I’m going to up the i360 to watch the sunset.

“I’ve been researching Brighton online for a long time and it’s great to be here.

“It’s crowded but everyone is very respectful and friendly and the streets seem so clean.”

Sunbathers on the beach were also joined by the Mods who were celebrating the 40th anniversary of Quadrophenia (see pages 16 and 17).

Traders on the seafront were rejoicing at the beautiful weather after the recent spell of wind and rain which had put off people from visiting the beach.

But they claim the number of people travelling to the seafront is less when compared to 2018.

Ahmet Kol owns the Beach Hut Cafe in Grand Junction Road,

The ice cream seller said: “Every bank holiday is good and important for our businesses here.

“It helps when it’s the school holidays too.

“It has been OK this weekend but less people compared to last year.”

The Brighton Seafront Team, who look after the safety of millions of beachgoers each year, had a busy weekend.

Seafront manager Chris Ingall said: “There have been a lot of people enjoying the seaside so we’ve been making sure everyone’s staying safe.

“We’ve had some blustery conditions for three weekends, so I guess everyone’s decided to come down, which has put pressure on the seafront.

“But the team know what they’re doing and we’re well rehearsed for busy weekends.”

Mr Ingall added that to keep yourself safe speak to lifeguards, swim between the flags, don’t swim too far out, look after your children and don’t drink and swim. Temperatures today are expected to reach 24 degrees.