A PSYCHOTIC seagull hell-bent on revenge after failing to steal a children’s TV star's sandwich defecated and vomited on his car.

Dave Benson Phillips was performing in Worthing when a “pesky” seagull swooped for star of CBBC’s game show Get Your Own Back’s sandwich.

But Mr Benson Phillips refused to kowtow to the flying mugger in South Square, scaring it away –  perhaps with a deathly stare.

The flapping terror remained close by, the star said, “annoying everyone” in a nearby sandpit.

Then, in a shocking and brazen act of revenge, the same seagull “vomited and s**t” on Mr Benson Phillips’ car.

“Are seagulls capable of revenge?” the star asked his Twitter followers.

He said: “When performing my music set at the #Worthing Sandpit, a pesky seagull tried to steal my sandwich.

“I scared it away, but it remained at sandpit annoying everyone.

“When packing my stuff away, the same seagull vomited and sh*t on my car.”

One Twitter user asked: “Are you suggesting that seagull was getting its own back?”

If you are worried about how to protect your seaside chips from pesky seagulls, cientists believe the answer lies in an old-fashioned stare down.

The would-be feathered thieves are more likely to strike when they can swoop in under the radar, avoiding the gaze of their victims, researchers say.