THE choice of non-alcoholic drinks can be limited for those trying to stay off booze or who simply don’t like the taste.

But a recent competition encouraged students to put on their thinking caps and come up with new ideas to widen the zero alcohol range.

Martha Grant won the challenge with her Devil’s Dyke inspired drink.

She named her product Deofol meaning “devil” in old Norse English.

Despite not containing any alcohol, she said it seeks to bring out the “devilish side” in the drinker, but without the need of alcohol.

She said: “It’s made from distilled raspberries.

“I wanted to use this type of fruit because there are a lot up at Devil’s Dyke.

“It’s also a great flavour.”

She chose to base her drink on the popular Brighton attraction because of her love of the story behind it.

“The story I know is the devil tried to wipe out the land,” she said.

“But the sun came up and scared him and he fled the land embarrassed.

“The land formed in the way that it is now because of him fleeing from it.”

As well as the mythical interest, Martha felt drawn to a growing audience of youngsters opting for a zero alcohol based drink, a generation known as Gen-Z.

The 22-year-old from Hove said: “I was inspired to create a non-alcoholic drink that played on the idea that everyone has a hidden spirit inside them that allows them to have a great night without the consumption of alcohol.

“Using this as a starting point, I utilised the medieval tale of Devil’s Dyke to create a brand that helps Gen-Z unleash their devilish side.”

“I think the industry for non-alcoholic drinks is growing, especially among younger people.

“I am not teetotal myself, but I certainly like experimenting with drinks and trying non-alcoholic options.

“I am hoping to pitch the idea to some companies who can hopefully make it.”

The competition was held by JDO, a design company, and drew entrants from all over the UK.

“It was a challenging, provocative brief that clearly resonated with this year’s graduating design talent” said Fiona Florence, JDO boss and chairwoman of the judges.

“It was an opportunity for the students to flex some creative muscles and get their work in front of the creative industry’s most influential talent.”

The judges included JDO creative directors Paul Drake and Ben Oates, musician Felix Buxton of Basement Jaxx and David Marchant, PepsiCo’s head of design for Western Europe.