A RAPE suspect is accused of sexually abusing a schoolgirl in her bed.

Tre Bunby has gone on trial at Lewes Crown Court over the alleged sex attack.

He had gone to her home one night and had smoked cannabis. He ended up alone with the teenager, who cannot be identified for legal reasons.

The court heard the 26-year-old told the girl he had “f***** up everything in his life” and asked her for a supportive cuddle.

He then demanded she take her trousers down, and raped her.

At the trial opening yesterday, Rachel Beckett, prosecuting, said forensic evidence will show the presence of Bunby’s DNA on a bed sheet.

When she told him to stop he replied: “Don’t do this to me, just five more minutes,” the court heard.

After the alleged assault, he reportedly asked her how old she was, and the girl told him she was underage.

“F***,” he replied.

In the victim’s recorded interview with police she said: “He was acting like the victim saying ‘look what you made me do’.”

The victim was left feeling dazed and confused after the incident in East Sussex in October last year, the court heard. She said: “I was like, ‘what happened?’ He said nothing happened, you must have been dreaming.”

In her interview she said she felt “sick” and “disgusted”.

The tearful girl appeared in court behind a screen so she could only be seen by the nine-man, three-woman jury, the judge, and lawyers.

Brian Shaw, defending, cross examined her. He said: “I am going to suggest you did not go upstairs with him at all that night, that there was no time that you were alone in the bedroom together.”

“Yes there was,” she replied.

“You woke up on a sofa, with him next to you, and said you felt like you were confused and were in a dream. Did you in fact dream or imagine what happened?”

“It was not a dream,” she replied.

Judge Mark Van Der Zwart told jurors to discount any “stereotypical” ideas they had about alleged victims or perpetrators of sexual assaults.

He also warned them to focus on the evidence alone, without bringing biased ideas about the subject.

Bunby, a barber and father-of-two, formerly of Hartington Place, Eastbourne, denies two charges of rape, the trial continues.