DOG owners have been frantically searching for their missing chihuahua called Lola.

The tiny dog, weighing only 2kg, went missing on Saturday from a garden near Harbour Primary School, Newhaven.

Owner Holly Hazell, 41, said: “We are just desperate. Last night was the fourth night we have spent searching for her.

“We think someone has stolen her. The garden she was in was secure, I made sure there were no holes or open gates.”

The eight-year-old dog has a series of health conditions including arthritis.

Ms Hazell, from Newhaven, said Lola is due to take her medication and will be in a lot of pain without it.

“She’s incredibly vulnerable. Although she’s eight she looks very fresh and young and we’re worried someone might have stolen her to breed from her.

“But they will soon realise she’s not well and I’m terrified they will just dump her.

“My mum Pat is 76-years-old and so worried it’s making her ill.”

Ms Hazell said the community response has been overwhelming.

Should anyone see Lola they are advised to contact 07526407540.