A LIMITED-EDITION graphic made and signed by Bob Dylan goes on sale tomorrow.

The Train Tracks, inspired by the musician’s travels across America, shows a railway line leading into a glowing sunset.

And it comes with a hefty price tag – £14,950.

It will be available from Castle Fine Art gallery in Nile Street, Brighton, or through its website, www.castlefineart.com.

The artwork has been released as a limited-edition “silkscreen” print in landscape form and has been framed with museum glass.

This is a special type of glazing for works of art and often used by establishments such as the National Gallery for high-end pictures.

It is virtually invisible in controlled lighting conditions to help the intricate details in the art stand out.

The Train Tracks was first released in 2008.

It has since become synonymous with Dylan and his travels across America.

The never-ending railway line surrounded by a rural landscape symbolises his life on the road.

The image is taken from The Drawn Blank Series, a collection of sketches created by Dylan between 1989 and 1992 that capture the experiences he went through on his travels.

It has his signature loose paint lines and brushstrokes.

Valerie Kaye, gallery manager at Castle Fine Art, Brighton, said: “Ever since Bob Dylan released the first instalment of The Drawn Blank series in 2016, the Train Tracks graphic has become symbolic to collectors all around the world.

“We feel very privileged to unveil the graphic as a silkscreen in landscape form – a world-first from Bob Dylan.

“There will only be 195 editions of the graphic made available worldwide, so we urge anybody interested in purchasing one to contact the gallery sooner rather than later.”

Nobel Prize winner Dylan is one of the world’s most influential and ground-breaking artists.

He has sold more than 125 million records all over the world and amassed a singular body of work that includes some of the greatest and most popular songs.