A PLAQUE commemorating the 40th anniversary of the classic mod film Quadrophenia has been stolen.

Thousands flocked to the coast on Sunday for the Brighton Mod Weekender, a gathering to mark the milestone for the 1973 film, a cornerstone of mod culture loosely based on The Who’s album of the same name.

But a plaque commemorating the film was apparently pocketed by a guest at the inauguration ceremony on the Palace Pier.

CCTV footage shows a group at the event making off with it.

Anne Ackord, chief executive of the Palace Pier, said: “The video shows two figures unclipping the sign and then waltzing off with it.

“I suppose they thought they’d take it home as an extra souvenir.

“This event was a joyous celebration of Brighton’s history. We showed the film and it was such a happy occasion. It’s such a shame these people have deprived others of the chance to enjoy the plaque. It’s not hugely valuable, but it means so much to people.”

Anne has vowed to replace the plaque.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by actors from the film, including Gary Shail, who played scooter-riding Mod Spider, and Leslie Ash, who starred as love interest Steph.

The plaque was installed as part of the Brighton Music Walk Of Fame, an attraction on the pier which pays tribute to Brighton’s famous musicians, artists, composers and DJs.

David Courtney commissioned the plaque. He said: “I am shocked and disappointed to learn that the Brighton Music Walk Of Fame plaque we presented to commemorate the 40th anniversary of Quadrophenia has been stolen.

“It’s very upsetting, especially for Gary Shail and those involved with the event – and even more so to learn that it was guests attending the event. They had lanyards for the opening round their necks: that’s what makes it so disappointing.

“Fortunately, the plaques are interactive so we can track them. They use information from smartphones, and our people will be supplying the relevant data. It puts whoever took the plaque in a very vulnerable position.

“I don’t know what it is with people. Even when something’s nailed down they think they’ve got a God given right to steal. It’s a sad state of affairs.

“I hope whoever is responsible will do the right thing and return the plaque to the pier.”