A STUDENT who “always made you feel like family” died suddenly from an infection that medical experts cannot explain.

Jasbir Singh was living in The Avenue in Brighton where he died unexpectedly from an unknown infection.

An inquest into his death heard the 23-year-old fell ill with a fever when he returned to study at Brighton University in January.

Despite his friends’ efforts to look after him Mr Singh, described as a man who “always put others first”, became violently ill.

Paramedics were called to his home address but he died within minutes.

“He was just shaking on the bed and complaining of feeling really hot,” said his friend View Sumsard who attended the inquest to give evidence.

“Then he was in a really bad state and struggling to breathe.

“I know he mentioned he was ill, but we thought it might just be a fever.”

Mr Singh, an architect student, lived in a house with six friends.

He started to show signs of feeling unwell on January 14. He complained of feeling hot, feverish and had been vomiting.

Housemate Davish Gokhoola tried to arrange a doctor’s appointment for January 16 but there were none available.

He told the court: “Jasbir really started to deteriorate later on that night.

“I called the ambulance and tried to get him to tell them his symptoms but he couldn’t even speak.”

Mr Gokhoola was advised to carry out CPR until the ambulance arrived.

Paramedics arrived within ten minutes and started attempts to restart his heart, the court heard.

But they found it stopped upon arriving.

The postmortem showed no signs of infection or trauma to the body.

No drugs or alcohol were detected in his toxicology reports and coroner for Brighton and Hove Miss Veronica Hamilton-Deeley said she exhausted all other tests possible to try and understand his death.

Dr Max Wibbly, attending the inquest, said: “Jasbir didn’t die from a sudden cardiac death. The breathing issues and sweating show it was likely to be an infection of some sorts leading to septic shock.

“There is a source of infection in his body but we just couldn’t find it.

“We think people shouldn’t die of infection these days but unfortunately it does still happen.”

Miss Hamilton-Deeley said Mr Singh died from heart and lung failure due to septic shock from an “overwhelming infection of unknown source”.

She concluded he died from natural causes, but the source was not identified.

Mr Singh’s sister Simran speaking after the inquest said: “He just got along with everyone.

“Who ever met him just fell in love with him straight away and he loved everyone like family.”