AN AGGRESSIVE stalker turned up at his children’s school after cheating on his ex.

Ashley Chitolie was put under a non-molestation court order over his estranged family in Hove.

But then on Christmas day he parked just outside the exclusion zone, and sent messages to his ex partner.

The 38-year-old’s behaviour during the stalking was so erratic that he was banned by his children’s headteacher from being anywhere near the school gates.

He uploaded the address and various details of his victim online to YouTube, a court heard.

It caused “serious alarm and distress” to his victim, who The Argus has chosen not to name.

He claimed it was because he could no longer get access to see his children, who he is “devoted” to.

Chitolie was described at Hove Crown Court as having “uncontrolled anger and aggression” and paranoia.

He was given a two-year suspended prison sentence.

Oliver Dunkin, prosecuting, said the stalking happened between June and July last year, while the breach of the non-molestation order was on Christmas day. He said Chitolie, of Beresford Road, Brighton, was also found in possession of more than 30 cannabis plants.

Doctors assessing his mental health believe his prolonged use of cannabis has had an impact over many years.

Chitolie admitted growing the plants and possessing the class B drug.

He was found guilty of stalking and breaching a court order by a jury.

Judge Christine Henson QC noted he has 43 convictions for 67 previous offences.

Andrew Selby, defending, said the background was one of his client wanting to see his children.

Mr Selby said: “He was unfaithful to his then partner, the mother of his children. Those who know him know he has loved and is devoted to his children.”

Judge Henson told Chitolie: “The only person who is responsible for the distance between you and your children is you. You have rigid thinking, blaming everyone but yourself, but you need to take the help that is on offer to you.”