GONE the days of dogs wearing brown and black leads.

So too are the times of bog standard dog food and the much maligned squeaky toy.

Brighton’s pet pampering entrepreneur Bone Idol is making sure of this.

The company’s shop in St James’s Street is filled from floor to ceiling with colourful creations including patterned leads and personalised dog food.

Owner Ben Thorpe founded the vibrant store three years ago alongside his two business partners and said trade has been booming ever since.

The Argus went to visit him, and his beloved pet Dennis, at the store.

The 29-year-old said: “I have been in dog grooming for 11 years.

“I started this company with my two business partners after grooming their dogs.

“We got chatting about it and from there we decided to run our own dog groomers and pet shops.”

Ben said his family had always owned dogs and he had loved to give them haircuts when he was younger.

Through this he knew the career he wanted to pursue.

He also said the people of Brighton’s love for their pampered pooches was clear.

Ben said: “There are plenty of dogs in Brighton and so business has been very good, the grooming is particularly busy.”

But this is not the only service that has got dog-lovers hot under the (cushioned) collar. Bone Idol’s fashion range includes brightly patterned leads, harnesses and collars, making dogs look ready for the catwalk.

It has proved popular with the store’s customers, particularly a special edition Pride lead decorated with rainbows.

Ben said: “We try to make all of our collars kind for the dog.

“Our harnesses are fleece lined so are more comfortable for them to wear and the leather used is all from England.”

Ben revealed he had a theory on why the business was growing from strength to strength.

He said: “A dog isn’t just a dog any more, it’s part of the family, so people want them to look amazing.

“We have had such a good response to our fashion range, my business partners and I will sit with the designer and play around with the fabrics.”

Ben also said he wanted to take the fashion range further, possibly introducing seasonal collections.

But he made it clear it was not just what was on the outside that counted. The store’s extensive range of dog foods offers individual options for dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes. Ben said: “It is all hand made and vet-approved with a high meat content.

“We worked with vets to make something that is sensitive to the stomach.”

The food is carefully constructed using fresh and raw ingredients and the store is careful to avoid any components which dogs might be allergic to.

The food, which is available for a variety of different dogs including “small bite, big bite and puppy”, was originally only available from the company’s St James’s Street base when it launched in 2016.

But, due to its popularity with pet-owners, it has now been made available online so “dogs throughout the UK can be healthy, happy and fabulous”.

When The Argus visited the store one prized pet was being treated by staff to the life of luxury at the back of the shop.

Dogs visiting to be groomed have access to two stainless steel baths, four fully adjustable hydraulic tables and the finest dog shampoos and conditioners.

Ben said: “We get asked a lot why we have a window into our grooming parlour. It’s there to show you we have nothing to hide. We are proud of how we look after all the dogs that come in and want you to be able to see that too.”

Owners can choose between a range of services including a bath and brush, full treatment, custom cut, hand stripping and more.

Ben said each member of staff shared his love for dogs and this was why the store was able to offer its customers the very best in pet care.

The poodle on the pampering table definitely seemed to agree.