THE i360 will light up pink tonight in aid of Organ Donation Awareness week.

The tower and pod are set to shine and encourage people to sign up to the donor register.

Across the UK, around 6000 people need an organ transplant, and one in three people die each day waiting for one.

Families with relatives who chose to donate their organs will attend an event at the i360 this evening.

Among them will be Darran Saunders, who lost her 19-year-old son Connor.

She said: “Connor made the selfless decision at the tender age of 16 to sign the register.

“He was just being Connor, he was kind, gentle and so thoughtful. He would have helped anyone in life, so he would not have thought twice in helping someone in his death.

“He donated his kidneys, lungs, liver and pancreas. His heart was unable to be used due to the severity of the trauma he suffered. His heart valves were put in storage and have been used to enhance the lives of children.

“We have received four letters from recipients, all thanking Connor for his selflessness - they honour him through living their best life.”

The NHS is also urging people to tell their families about their preferences. Last year, 79 families overruled a relative’s decision to donate their organs.

Tracey Gibson, Specialist Nurse Organ Donation, NHS Blood and Transplant: “It’s great to have the attraction lit up pink: we hope it grabs the attention of locals and tourists.”

To join the organ donor register visit: