A DOUBLE murderer known for eating the flesh of one of his victims has reportedly been spending his time as a hospital chef.

Graham Fisher is locked up in secure hospital Broadmoor where he is serving 21 years for strangling two women in Sussex.

The killer, 46, wrote to a friend: “I love to cook… I made banoffee flavour sponge, ginger sponge and lemon sponge.

“I also like to make chicken curry.

“My personal easy favourite is cheese, tomato and onion on toast cooked in the oven.”

The Mirror reported that he wrote in his letter he wants a job “helping people through trauma”, but adds: “Given my criminal record it is highly unlikely.

“Currently my future is uncertain.”

Fisher, 37, was jailed for 21 years in 2010 after admitting the manslaughter of reclusive Clare Letchford, 40, and 75-year-old widow Beryl O’Connor on the grounds of diminished responsibility.

The two vulnerable women were discovered strangled and burned in their flats less than 100 yards apart in Hastings in January 1998.

Fisher also pleaded guilty to two counts of rape of another vulnerable woman in her early forties at her home in Bromley, south east London, in 1991.

He confessed to the offences while being held at the high-security psychiatric hospital after saying he found it hard to live with his crimes.

Prosecutors said Fisher targeted lonely women, some of whom he knew, to satisfy what one psychiatrist described as a “sexually sadistic” aspect to his personality.

Fisher had initially been jailed for five years after indecently assaulting two Spanish students at knifepoint in Eastbourne in 1998.

He was transferred to Broadmoor in 2001 under the Mental Health Act after he was found to be a “grave and immediate danger” if released into the community.

Fisher, deemed to have a severe and enduring complex personality disorder, also admitted cutting a piece of flesh from Ms Letchford’s arm and eating it.

The convict was fitted with a gastric band in 2012 costing £15,000 after he grew to 21 stone in prison.

The killer was only on a waiting list for three months for the operation.

West London NHS Trust, which has responsibility for Broadmoor, said they did not comment on patients.