A FED-UP woman has threatened to dump maggot-ridden refuse at the council’s office after a month’s worth of rubbish was left to fester outside her house.

Charlotte Walls said she had been in a “blazing row” with the council about her bins overflowing with four week’s waste.

The 31-year-old told the council to “sort itself out”, saying: “If it’s not gone today, I’m dumping it at your office.”

Mrs Walls, from Buckley close, Hove, said she would be billing the council after she was forced to clear up nappies and sanitary towels spilling on to the grass where her four children play.

She said: “Have a look at this disgusting mess. They apparently can’t get a truck down because of the building works – yet the builders manage.

"My husband holds a class 1 HGV licence and he says the bin lorry could get down here with ease.”

“This is a little close with a lovely community.

I’ve lived here 11 years. I don’t pay my council tax to spend two hours a day dragging binbags the full length of my street to stop them piling up and leaving maggots everywhere.”

Mrs Walls wants the street to be deep-cleaned.

She told the council: “Every day I’m out cleaning this up. I’ll be sending you the bill.”

The spat escalated on Twitter after the council responded: “Hi. We’re sorry for our recent failures to collect communal bin rubbish from Buckley Close.

“We’re sending a smaller vehicle to empty them this week and will then move the bins to a more accessible place which should solve the problem.”

But Charlotte said: “No you’re not. You’re moving them to the other end of the road. I have four kids and two jobs, yet have to traipse with my rubbish because you can’t sort yourselves out.”

Charlotte added: “It’s not my job to deal with these rubbish bags ripped open by animals at night.

“I’ve been asking the council ‘why are you not concerned?’”

A spokeswoman said the council was aware of the problem and is “working to get it resolved.”

The council said residents can report missed rubbish collections, request new bins, and ask for street clean-ups on its website.