A POEM aimed at commuter parkers has been put under car windscreen wipers.

The laminated printout, telling them to “go to f***ing hell”, was left on cars in Hove Park Road and The Droveway.

The area has recently introduced parking permits to stop rogue drivers from parking for weeks at a time.

The rhyming poem, which warns that parking on the road “will end in tears”, was addressed from “Hove Park Residents”.

One anonymous driver who received the note said: “I’d parked my car on The Droveway in Hove, two weeks ago.

“It wasn’t a parking zone then and parking was free for everyone.

“Yesterday I came back, I knew I might have got a parking ticket but I hadn’t expected the note from the residents.

“Before it wasn’t illegal to park here I don’t know why someone should humiliate me with such a note, and it’s not only me, there was plenty other notes like that on other cars.”

He added that “some people really have nothing better to do”.

The poem, which was put under the windscreens of a number of cars on the road, reads: “To all you commuters from far and wide,

“We’ve had you parking on our road, side by side.

“Now however traffic wardens will soon be putting you to shame,

“So the days of your anti-social parking are on the wane.

“We’ve had your clapped out cars and vans,

“Plague our roads for years and yeas.

“Now the times have changed and if you do it again ,

“It will all end in tears.

“So, it is now the time to say farewell,

“But if you don’t, you can go to f***ing hell!”

In March, The Argus revealed a furious resident bought a Range Rover to stop people parking outside his house in nearby Mallory Road.

Andrew Dixon was one of many people in the area who resorted to desperate measures to stop commuters and holidaymakers from using their parking spots.

In the ongoing battle, in which some of the vehicle were left for months, residents started using bins, traffic cones and “defensive parking” to keep their spots.

A mystery vigilante even tried to stop drivers returning to the area by daubing offensive words and phrases over the vehicles.

Now, permit bays operate between Monday and Friday 9am to 10am and 1pm to 2pm, including Bank Holidays.

People can buy visitor parking permits or apply for resident parking permits online.