OFFICERS responded to scores of calls for crimes committed at the city’s secondary schools.

Figures reveal police were called to 168 incidents between September 2018 and March 2019 in Brighton and Hove.

It included for reports such as thefts, antisocial behaviour, 999 hoaxes, and missing people.

There were some callouts for events, police visits, medical emergencies, and for false alarms.

But there were also dozens of reports of violent crime, as concerns grow over knife crime and youth violence.

Sussex Police was asked about crime reports at the schools and surrounding areas over the period in a Freedom of Information Act request.

Call outs included offences reported outside of school hours as well as areas next to the school within the same postcode.

It revealed that the most incidents were reported at Brighton Community Academy (BACA) at Falmer, with 35 recorded callouts to the school and surrounding area.

These included call outs for a civil dispute, missing people, concerns for people's safety, theft, and road traffic offences.

There were seven reports of violent offences at the BACA postcode during that time.

But, as the school points out, the figures for Baca include what the school describes as "a major walkway" to the Amex stadium on Brighton and Hove Albion match days along the perimeter of the school and includes a car park used by the AMEX "right next door to the school".

At Longhill High School there were 11 total offences, which included antisocial behaviour, a hoax phone call to the emergency services, missing people and two violent crime reports.

There were 13 incidents reported at Cardinal Newman, including a domestic incidemt, hoax calls, missing people, theft, and four reports of violent crime.

At Hove Park Upper there were 20 callouts which included concerns for safety, missing people, and three reports of violence.

Police were called to Blatchington Mill seven times including for antisocial behaviour, fraud, and a road traffic offence.

At Varndean School there were 24 reports, including concers for safety, an emergency after someone collapsed, theft, and five reports of violent crime.

Officers were called to Dorothy Stringer School 23 times, including for antisocial behaviour, drugs, missing people, theft, and one incident of violent crime.

There were 17 reports at Patcham, including antisocial behaviour, thefts, and four violent crime reports.

Finally there were 18 reports at Portslade Aldridge Community Academy’s upper and lower schools, included five reports of violence, antisocial behaviour, and concerns for safety.

Earlier this year Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner Katy Bourne secured nearly £900,000 in funding for the Reboot programme to engage youngsters and turn them away from crime.