AN ELDERLY woman suffered head injuries after being knocked over in a suspected attack in the city centre.

Police and paramedics were called to the incident near the Hobgoblin pub in York Place, Brighton.

Witnesses said a man had assaulted a woman.

She suffered head injuries, with one person saying she was bleeding heavily.

According to reports, nearby workmen stopped the suspect and apprehended him.

“They sat on him until the police arrived,” one woman said.

Police say an off-duty officer helped detain a suspect, who was arrested on suspicion of possessing cannabis with intent to supply and assault.

It is understood that officers moved in shortly after 1pm today.

Onlookers helped look after the victim as she lay on the pavement until the ambulance arrived.

The ambulance service said the elderly woman suffered a head injury after reports of an "assault" by the Aldi supermarket in London Road.

She has been taken to the Royal Sussex County Hospital.

Police said: "A man has been arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply cannabis and assault.

"It follows an incident in London Road, Brighton, shortly before 1pm on Friday 6 September, whereby the suspect was detained by an off-duty police officer.

"Prior to this, an elderly woman was knocked to the floor and sustained a head injury. Paramedics were called to assist.

"The suspect remains in police custody and there are no further details at this stage."