GREENS have called for an emergency council meeting in order to plan for a no-deal Brexit.

Brighton party leader Phelim Mac Cafferty urged the city's councillors to organise a meeting for preparation plans to be discussed if the UK leaves the EU without a deal on October 31.

He said: “As the Brighton and Hove City Council's own impact assessments make painfully clear, all forms of Brexit will harm our city.

"We remain concerned about critical issues such as the impact on our European residents, community cohesion, the local economy and the effects felt by our many local and small businesses.

"We owe it to our city’s communities and businesses to let them see how the council is preparing.

"In a city that voted overwhelmingly to remain part of the European Union, residents deserve to know that their elected representatives are taking the issues seriously."

Green councillors said an open meeting should be held with business owners and community leaders to inform them of Brexit preparation.

A Brexit Working Group in the city council has been reviewing what the impact of leaving the EU could be on Brighton.