I READ with interest Green Cllr Pete West’s letter in The Argus on September 6 criticising Labour’s Brighton Kemptown MP and a senior Labour councillor for supporting the retention of the Aquarium roundabout as part of the Valley Gardens project.

Cllr West conveniently forgot to mention that Green councillor and The Big Lemon bus operator Tom Druitt has also spoken out against the current plans to remove the roundabout together with Green Councillor Alex Phillips, who just happens to be the mayor of Brighton and Hove and the Green MEP for the South East of England.

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Any casualty is one too many but the data needs proper analysis before the rhetoric.

Thirteen casualties from 11 accidents in the context of 18 and a quarter million vehicles of all types using the roundabout each year equates to a ratio of 0.0000007 per cent.

There are plenty of junctions in the city where the number of casualties versus vehicle movements is far worse yet the current administration does little about them.

To correct Cllr West, the council has not yet secured the Government funds needed to progress the scheme – that decision is due in the next month or so.

I was however grateful that Cllr West voted in favour of my call for an investigation into the project by the council’s audit and investigation team that has now delayed issuing its report until January 2020.

Brighton and Hove Conservative transport spokesman Councillor Lee Wares