SCUFFLES broke out around John Bercow's chair as opposition MPs held a symbolic protest against Boris Johnson shutting down Parliament for five weeks.

In unprecedented late night drama, the MPs rushed the Speaker's chair shortly before he gave his own damning verdict of the suspension which followed another humiliating Commons defeat for the Prime Minister.

Labour MP Clive Lewis and Green MP for Brighton Pavilion Caroline Lucas were among those who held up signs reading "Silenced" before opposition lawmakers sang political songs.

Labour's Lloyd Russell-Moyle appeared to try to hold on to Mr Bercow in a symbolic bid to block him moving as Commons staff intervened.

The Argus:

Commons doorkeepers tried to pull away Mr Russell-Moyle - who months ago tried to grab the Commons mace in another protest - and he fell into his fellow protesters as others tumbled over.

The dramatic scene unfolded about 1.30am on Tuesday following a marathon day in Parliament.

It came during the traditional proroguing ceremony as Black Rod - the Queen's representative - told MPs she required their presence in the House of Lords. Usually this is a formality but this time she was drowned by by opposition MPs shouting "no".

The Argus:

The ceremony continued and Parliament was suspended a short time later, the longest parliamentary session in the history of the UK.

It came after Mr Johnson's second bid for a snap general election was rejected by MPs.

Mr Bercow, who announced his resignation earlier on Monday, also gave a his own damning verdict of Mr Johnson's suspension.

He told MPs: “This is not a standard or normal prorogation. It represents an act of executive fiat."

Dozens of MPs stayed behind in the chamber - with many chanting "shame on you" as Government MPs filed out the chamber to head to the House of Lords for the conclusion of the ceremony.

After the ceremony, which formally suspended Parliament, Mr Bercow returned to the House of Commons and was applauded by opposition MPs.

But Conservative MPs did not return to the Commons in protest at Mr Bercow's announcement of his opposition.