A CONTROVERSIAL councillor has been replaced as deputy council leader but will remain in a position of power.

Brighton and Hove city councillor Nick Childs, who is also in charge of education in the city, will be replaced in both of his roles by housing chief Councillor John Allcock.

But Cllr Childs, right, will now become deputy chairman of the planning committee, replacing Councillor Gill Williams, who will take charge of housing policy.

The move comes after the Labour councillor announced his intention to resign back in July.

Cllr Childs said at the time his full-time job was “proving incompatible” with his duties as deputy leader.

Earlier in July it was revealed he was sending his daughter to the most expensive private girls’ school in the country, Roedean, leading to criticism from his colleagues.

Last week Conservative councillor Joe Miller called for Cllr Childs to return the £3,000 he has earned since his July announcement back to council coffers. But a city council official said Cllr Childs was entitled to receive the money. And the Queen’s Park councillor said he had not technically resigned until yesterday.