IT IS terrible to see tents are still pitched on Hove Lawns, a problem which has lasted for months.

Whatever your view on homelessness is, it is clear more needs to be done to solve the crisis we have in our city.

Campaigner Jim Deans’s proposal of creating a homeless camp in Brighton for rough sleepers to take refuge could potentially work. It should certainly be an option for Brighton and Hove City Council to explore.

Perhaps creating a dedicated area for homeless people to stay would make it easier for them to receive council support.

There are many reasons rough sleepers are living on the streets – or, indeed, in parks – but it is a symptom of the city’s housing crisis.

At last count, more than 9,000 people were on the waiting list for council housing.

Home ownership seems like a ridiculous dream in Brighton, while flats for rent are mostly unaffordable.

Housing experts such as Brighton Housing Trust chief executive Andy Winter have repeatedly called for more investment in building affordable council homes for rent.

And while it is encouraging to see Brighton’s housing chief Cllr John Allcock and Green housing spokesman David Gibson announce plans to build an extra 1,500 homes over the next four years, the council must reassure residents this promise will be upheld.

While it is hard for councils to spend money on housing considering funding from central Government has been cut, action must be taken now to make housing affordable in Brighton.