A STARTLED mother was woken at 1am when vandals hurled a brick through her living room window.

Andrea Wingate, 44, managed to capture the moment on CCTV.

The footage shows two hooded men walking purposefully towards her house.

One slings a brick at the window and the pair sprint to the car and drive off.

The crime took place last Thursday in Heathfield Crescent, Mile Oak, Brighton.

The Argus:

Andrea said: “I heard an almighty bang from my bedroom window. I thought there’d been a car crash. I was sound asleep.

“I went downstairs to see what had happened. I didn’t have time to get dressed – I was still in my underwear.

“The front room was covered in glass. The window was shattered and a lamp was broken.

“There was half a brick sitting on my sofa.

“It had gone right to the other side of the lounge. It must have been thrown with an awful lot of force.”

Andrea was perplexed. She said: “I’ve got absolutely no idea why they did it. We’re nice people, we’ve got no enemies.

“But it looks like a targeted attack. It’s so frightening. I haven’t got a clue why someone would do this.

“If someone had an issue I’d rather they come and talk rather than do this sort of thing.

“We’ve never had anything like this before. It could be a mistake. It looks so intentional in the video. It’s so suspicious.”

Andrea said a neighbour captured more footage that shows the vandals leaving.

Andrea lives with her partner and her two sons, aged 12 and 16.

She said: “My youngest had school the next day. It was his second day back. He must have been so worried.

“We all feel uneasy – it’s horrible for this to happen in your own home for no reason.

“I was worried to go back to bed. My partner came down and called the police. They took the brick as evidence.”

A spokesman for Sussex Police said: “About 1.26am on Thursday September 5, police received a report of a window being smashed at a house in Heathfield Crescent, Mile Oak.

“There are no further lines of enquiry at this stage, however anyone with information is asked to report it online or call 101, quoting serial 80 of 05/09.”