A WOMAN was found dead in her bed after a suspected overdose of medicine.

Caroline Adams had not been seen for days at her home in Hove.

It sparked concerns from her work colleagues, and police were called.

The inquest into the 56-year-old’s death opened at Brighton Coroner’s Court at Woodvale Crematorium this week.

Assistant Coroner Catharine Palmer was told that police forced her door but found her lying in her bed, deceased.

Mrs Palmer said: “Caroline Adams’s death was properly reported after she had been found deceased in her flat. I am told that she had taken a medicinal overdose, and notes indicate that that was the case.”

Coroner’s officer Jane Woodman said Ms Adams was born in Cookfield, Sussex, and said her father identified her following her death on August 13. She said: “Police were alerted to attend her address over concerns she hadn’t been seen and not been at work for the past two days. She was not answering calls. Officers forced entry and secured the scene. They found her lying on her bed, deceased.”

The full inquest hearing will resume at the coroner’s court on December 19.