ARMED police were called to an incident in Hove yesterday evening.

Plain clothed officers, police with guns and a dog unit were seen in the area around Wilbury Road, at around 6pm.

The road was cordonned off with residents unable to access their homes.

A man is believed to have been arrested and a dog removed from a basement property.

One resident said: "We arrived back to our road around 6:15pm and were told the road had been closed off and we were not allowed to gain access to our flat until the incident had come to a close.

"Police left the scene around 7:30pm last night.

There was a dog unit which they sent in, plus police with guns. "They had the front and back of the property surrounded.

"A dog was removed from the property and a man came out in handcuffs peacefully."

Sussex Police has so far been unable to give The Argus any details on the incident.