A VEGAN supergran walked 120 miles - in one mile laps.

Serena Queeney, 67, walked in circles around Brighton - from Grand Junction Road by the Brighton Palace Pier to Habitat in North Street and back repeatedly to raise money for the animal charity that rescued her dog.

Serena, who is from Suffolk, walked for two days and nights non-stop.

Her 84 year old friend Judy was stationed outside Habitat to keep track of her laps.

She said: “We may be grans but nothing will stop us helping our four legged best friends.

“I honestly believe being vegan is helping me walk such long distances.”

She was given extra support with the help of vegan sausage rolls and a piggyback from one well-wisher in her bid to help the charity K-9 Angels.

K-9 angels spokeswoman Karin Rogers said: “We are so delighted she achieved the 120 mile walk – in 48 hours so half a day early. She didn’t sleep for two nights and was so happy to have such lovely support from the people of Brighton.

“She was helped along by some vegan sausage rolls.

“This is the furthest Serena had ever walked.

“She thought she’d be okay without two nights’ sleep but she did find the hard pavements a challenge and her feet hurt. She was limping the last 20 miles. The rain on Monday morning and wind by the seafront didn’t help.

“But the generosity of the homeless was humbling and inspiring to say the least. It seemed those with the least gave £1 or 2.”

This is not the first grand hike the dog-lover has taken on. Serena previously walked 50 miles on the Norfolk coast with a heavy backpack.

Before setting off on her walk last Saturday Serena said: “After rescuing my little dog Frankie, who means the world to me, I wanted to help dogs in anyway that I can. I’m a keen walker but I’ve never walked 120 miles continuously before. I chose to walk in Brighton as I know it’s a vegan and dog loving community.”

K-9 Angels, which aims to help dogs all over the world, has received the support of the likes of Ricky Gervais and Simon Cowell.

To donate visit uk.virginmoneygiving.com/SerenaQueeney. To find out more about K-9 Angels, visit www.k-9angels.org.