WHEN Aneela Rose walks into a boardroom for meetings not many of her clients know she could easily lift them off their feet if they cross her.

But as well as running a successful PR company, the mum of two also has a not so secret life...as a powerlifting champion.

Aneela, from Burgess Hill, was inspired to get into the heavy lifting sport following the 2012 London Olympics - after her trainer at the gym was amazed by the strength of her shoulders.

Fast forward to 2018 and Aneela won the AWPC World Powerlifting Championships - all while managing her company, Rose Media Group.

And even Aneela, who is in her late forties, does not know how she juggles all her commitments.

She said: “You’ve got to be very mentally strong.

“There is definitely a comparison with discipline between my business and my powerlifting.

“I’m working five days a week, ten or 12 hour days, and then I’m in the gym four or five times a week as well.

“I don’t really know how I balance it, I just do.”

She adds that the support of her husband, Graham, and children Faris, nine, and Gabby, six, keeps her motivated.

But her two careers have not come without some questioning.

Aneela admits there are those who are surprised when she tells them about her powerlifting career.

She said: “The first thing people do is look at my arms because they expect me to be quite muscular and bulky. But you get used to it.

“I also get comments because of my Pakistani heritage - because women are not encouraged to take part in sport as much.”

Aneela has had a great four years in powerlifting but she was running her company, in Burgess Hill, long before her championship success.

The business celebrates its 15th anniversary this month and Aneela admits that despite her weighty powerlifting career she would not trade her company for anything.

Aneela will represent Team GB at the World Powerlifting Championships in Finland in November.

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