THOUSANDS of people flocked to the beach today to enjoy the last of the summer sunshine.

A "tropical thrust" of hot air pushed temperatures above 23C in some parts of Sussex - which recorded warmer weather than Bondi Beach.

Brighton seafront was packed with beach-goers who threw down their towels, slapped on sun cream and bathed under the bright blue skies.

The Met Office forecast mainly settled conditions with "warm sunshine" for up to two weeks, until the end of September.

Highs are more like midsummer than autumn, said ex-BBC and Met Office forecaster John Hammond of weathertrending.

20,000 beach visitors were expected in Brighton today as daytrippers saw heavier traffic on coastal routes including the A23 to Brighton.

Met Office forecaster Helen Roberts said: "After 23C on Sunday, a fresher Monday follows - before highs climb through the week, with the mid-20s, maybe 25C, at end of the week.

"There will be sunny spells widely from Tuesday, with high pressure and a lot of tropical air being drawn up.

"It's a definite change after an unsettled early September.

"And the week from September 23 also looks like remaining fairly settled with high pressure, although the North-West may see some more unsettled weather at times."

Met Office forecaster Sarah Kent said: "Spells of warm sunshine are likely to continue. It is likely settled conditions will prevail until the end of September."