RESIDENTS are divided over plans for parking permits in another part of the city.

Some people in Portslade reacted with frustration at the proposal although others welcomed the idea - saying they were forced to “drive around for hours” looking for a space.

Residents spoke to The Argus after Brighton and Hove City Council announced it was opening an area parking consultation in South Portslade.

This could see parking permits in the area, rather than the free street parking currently in place.

Norman Turner was born in the area and now lives in nearby Southwick.

The 80-year-old said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous, parking permits, it’s madness.

“Cars come up here and double park and this will lead to more of that. On a road of this size that is a really bad thing, it could be dangerous.

“I’m disabled so I don’t pay for parking, but I think paying for parking in any form is just a money-grabbing scheme.”

Some residents felt permit parking in the area could be a positive move.

John Baker lives in Gladstone Road, Portslade and said the scheme could benefit him.

The 77-year-old said: “No residents can get a space. It’s full of scaffolders and workmen.

“I would like to see permitted parking, it would let me park near my house rather than driving for hours and hours looking for a space.

“Also, if you leave a space for a second then it’s gone.”

Fellow resident Bryan Tucker, 52, agreed.

He said: “I want it. Most households have two or three cars so if you only have one car you can’t park it because the spaces are all taken. Also, if you work normal hours and get back in the evening I have to park several streets away.”

Sharon and Chris Gulliver, who live in Victoria Road, Portslade, said they were “lucky to have a driveway”.

But they added that many commuters left their cars in the free spaces as they travelled to London, saying introducing permits could make parking in the area more “fair” on residents.

They also raised concerns at new houses being built in the area, with the council announcing hundreds of new homes planned in Portslade. Residents fear this will increase congestion and make parking more difficult.

Labour councillor Alan Robins said he would support “what the majority of residents wanted”.

He said: “They live there and they know the problems. It’s something they have been asking us to do for some time now.”

The consultation began on Monday and residents were notified with letters posted through their doors. It will run until October 21.

A council spokesman said: “The Environment Transport and Sustainability Committee agreed that we would consult with the South Portslade area to find out if there is general support for a resident parking scheme and, if so, what days and hours of operation might be preferred.

“If there is sufficient support - and the recommendation from ETS Committee is to proceed - the next phase would be to consult further with residents on a detailed design during Spring and Summer 2020.”