HUNDREDS of balloons were released off Brighton beach.

Onlookers watches as a man released around 700 helium balloons from the beach near Duke Mound on Friday evening.

Despite the stunning spectacle some onlookers were concerned about the environmental inpact of the balloons falling into the sea.

One man, who contacted The Argus said: “I was down at Dukes Mound on Friday evening and this guy had a giant bunch of balloons He was letting hundreds of them off into the sky.

“Apparently he let 677 balloons off.

“Lots of people were going mad because it is so bad for the environment."

One person, who claimed to be responsible for the balloons, posted about the incident on social media.

They said: "For all the haters, we did it.

"(This is) for all the people who were outraged about us letting off balloons in memory of our beloved dog.

"Everyone who thought we wouldn't do it and we would back out, well we proved you all wrong.

"When you hate, always hate."

Were you the balloon man?

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