AN OUTSPOKEN vegan activist says she should not have faced arrest for protesting against “fascism and animal exploitation”.

Dylan Roffey, 24, was convicted of criminal damage after smearing fake blood during a protest at McDonald’s in London Road, Brighton.

Two weeks earlier, she was found guilty of confronting a woman at Brighton railway station and spitting in the woman’s face - claiming she was wearing a fur coat.

Speaking to the Femail section of Mail Online, Roffey said it was “ridiculous” that police time was spent on vegan protests and said activists should not face arrest for “having basic compassion”.

The actress, of Terminus Road, Brighton, told the website: “I knew going into it I would be arrested, that’s why I stayed.”

Since becoming a vegan four years ago, she has joined Direct Action Everywhere (DxE) protests in Brighton.

Referring to animals as people, she said: “I think it’s ridiculous that people’s time and money was spent on people who are trying to save lives, instead of doing something about people who are profiting from people being killed.

“I don’t think people should be arrested for protests, or for having basic compassion, and that thinking that killing non-human people is an unacceptable thing to do.

“There isn’t a gentle way to macerate a chick for the egg industry, or a passionate way to slit someone’s throat.

“We’re facing such fascism and animal exploitation on a scale that we’ve never seen before.”

The DxE group has been involved in peaceful but often controversial protests at supermarkets, restaurants and shops across the city.

Outside Brighton Magistrates’ Court last week activists set off flares and wore pig masks to show their support against her being arrested for the McDonald’s protest.

Roffey added: “I knew it would get more attention and get more eyes on what’s happening.

“And make people think that this isn’t something that is done on a whim but something that people are really horrified by.”

The group did not hold a protest in support for her over the spitting assault at Brighton station.

She was found guilty of assault, and then guilty of criminal damage by District Judge Amanda Kelly.

The judge cleared her of obstructing the police in the execution of their duties during the McDonald’s protest.

Earlier this month, regarding the assault, the judge said: “I am absolutely sure that Dylan Roffey did spit at Ms Boyle because she was angry and upset at not being listened to. She lost her temper.

“It may have been completely out of character. She is a pleasant young woman with strong beliefs. But to deliberately spit at someone is a serious offence.”

Last week, regarding the Mcdonald's incident, the judge said: “‘Notwithstanding the fact that the mixture was flour, water and food dye... the damage need not be permanent in order to be criminal.”

After both hearings, Roffey has been sentenced to 210 hours of unpaid community service.

She must also pay a total of £750 court costs, £200 in compensation, and £170 for victim surcharges.